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Acheron Outdoors is an alternative tourism company based in Glyki of Thesprotia, which has as its objective the organization and implementation of outdoor recreation - adventure activities, with an emphasis on mountain sports, such as wall climbing, rock climbing, hiking and river trekking.

  • In each activity, there is a gradation of difficulty level, in order to adapt it to the participants’ needs and their physical condition.
  • For the safe implementation of the activities, we provide full equipment.
  • Our team consists of Physical Education Teachers with a high university education and expertise in sport tourism and leisure activities, as well as in mountain sports coaching.

The mythical river Acheron and the historic village of Glyki...

The Acheron River, approximately 52 kilometers long, belongs to the region of Epirus and crosses the prefectures of Ioannina, Thesprotia and Preveza. Its first springs come from the snow of Mount Tomaros in the Prefecture of Ioannina (1,986 m. altitude) and its other springs come from the mountains of Souli and the mountains of Paramythia in Thesprotia. Important springs are also those of the village of Glyki in Thesprotia. A few kilometers away from Glyki, Acheron flows into the Ionian Sea in the village of Ammoudia in the prefecture of Preveza.

Its name probably comes from the word "achos" (sadness) which means "the river of sadness". According to ancient Greek mythology there Hermes the "psycho transmitter" delivered the souls of the dead to Charon, so that they would end up in the kingdom of Hades. Each soul, passing by Charon's ferry, had to give an obol for the transport to the underworld.

According to folklore, the river's water was bitter because a dragon that lived in its springs poisoned it, making it deadly dangerous to anyone who dared to drink it. So it is said, that Saint Donatus, Patron Saint of the Metropolis of Paramythia in Thesprotia, killed the dragon and since then the water of the river became sweet, hence the name of the village "Glyki".

Glyki is a historical village in the municipality of Souli in the region of Epirus. It is 28 km away from the traditional seaside town of Parga, 60 km away from Preveza, 53 km away from Igoumenitsa and 75 km away from Ioannina. It is a picturesque village, full of attractions and plenty of alternative sports activities such as climbing, hiking, river trekking, zipline, rafting, kayaking and horse riding.

A unique region with unparalleled natural beauty, rich history, culture, legends and traditions calls you to explore it!

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